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What we specialise in?

We specialise in getting your children into top British and American schools and universities. We focus on preparing for the different examinations required for entry.  We have extensive experience with all entrance exams and can offer impartial advice to guide our students to the right institution for their personality and ability.

How we excel

We approach learning in a holistic manner and focus on keeping constant and tight feedback loops between tutors, parents and your dedicated tutor managers. Whether your child is applying to the UK or US educational system, or you are looking for face-to-face or Skype tutoring, we have all bases covered to help your child excel. Further to tutoring, we can also help with organisational and motivational requirements, including constructing revision timetables and managing time effectively.


Many of our tutors have attended top British and US universities, thus hold experience and familiarity with the requirements for the UK and US schooling systems. Our tutors are all native English speakers with exceptional academic records and, most importantly, proven at obtaining results with students.


While the education system provides a strong grounding for your child, it does not fully cover the syllabus requirements for some school and university entrance exams. We focus on providing a support system to prepare students meticulously to meet these levels and ensure they gain entry to top UK and US universities.


We can provide support for students who do not speak English as their first language. As an international education company, many of our clients speak English as a second language, so our tutors have experience with techniques that will resonate with those learning English as a foreign language


We are experts in preparing students and getting them the grades they want for entrance to top UK schools and universities. The examinations listed below are the ones we focus on and the ones which we have the deepest knowledge on.

8+ entrance exams

Even at such a young age, competition for entry into the top UK independent schools is fierce. Knowledge will be examined in a different way, thus some extra support from one of our consultants with specific experience in 7 or 8+ entrance exams can prove invaluable, especially with regard to honing exam technique to ensure students’ marks reflect their ability.

ISEB / 11+ exams

At this age, children are more aware of the importance of success in exams and how it can impact their future. However, the ability to devise a structured programme to cover all the material required to succeed in these examinations can be difficult. Our consultants are employed to ensure we maximise the efficiency with which your child can learn, as well as ensuring robust exam technique. Verbal and non-verbal reasoning is introduced as a method of differentiating students, so familiarity with these type of questions is essential and is something that is often neglected in favour of subject specific curriculum.

13+ common entrance

Common Entrance exams provide a great opportunity for your child to achieve the best possible education in the lead up to university. The importance of them cannot be understated. Our tutors have led students through this process for a number of years and having studied for these exams themselves, know exactly how to achieve exam success.

Tuition will be tailored to those areas where we feel require work and emphasis will be placed on giving advice on exam technique, in particular the way examiners are looking for questions to be answered and ensuring adequate information is given for the number of allotted marks.

Most failure to obtain desired first choice at Common Entrance is down to a lack of exam technique on the part of the student, rather than a lack of knowledge. We firmly believe one-on-one tuition can supplement the information learnt in school, while learning how to interpret data and subsequently replicate this in an exam is the key to a student’s success.


GCSE exams, in some way, are the most difficult to study for. The depth and breadth of information required can seem overwhelming to students, particularly in subjects they do not find as interesting and do not plan to continue studying until A Level. However, marks at GCSE level are increasingly being used to differentiate between students in higher echelons when it comes to university application.

After the initial consultation has identified the student’s strengths and weaknesses, we can pinpoint the topics that require additional work, thus forming a structured programme your child can follow to achieve exam success. We aim to help the student create their own structured programme to ensure their revision time is spent efficiently and effectively.

18+ A Level / IB / Pre-U

As the difficulty and breadth of understanding of the topic increases, so too does the importance of grasping the concepts taught tangentially to each topic, especially in the Sciences. Our holistic approach to education supports this but at this level the key to successis independent thinking.

A Levels are designed as a stepping stone building towards the critical analysis techniques required in University. More than any other school exams, these qualifications are about being able to use the information provided to form coherent arguments, without being explicitly guided through the question step by step. Critical analysis techniques will be developed in the humanities and essay writing subjects, while the initiative to incorporate complementary theories into the same questions will be taughtin the sciences.

At this level of education, knowledge is not always enough to secure marks. The ability to understand the question conceptually and holistically is imperative at this age.We will teach students revision techniques such as concise note taking to deal with thegreat amount of information required, while as ever paying great attention to exam technique.

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Common Questions

What services do Floreat offer?

We provide home and online tuition to students of all ages. We have a large pool of highly qualified tutors able to cover every academic subject at school and university. We also have extensive experience working in a consultancy capacity to provide impartial advice for families seeking school application support. One of our specialities is creating customised study plans for residential tutors to follow, either in a home-schooling environment or while travelling with a family abroad.

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Why hire a private tutor?

The benefits of private tuition have long been documented. Removing external distractions and enabling the student to question any area of confusion without fear of interrupting the class creates an environment which empowers the student to ask ‘why?’ more and gain a deeper understanding and love for the subject. A student’s self-esteem can be greatly improved in a one-on-one setting, allowing children to explore their curiosity of academic subjects without fear of reprisal from teachers or other students. Fostering this confidence and desire to question is essential in developing the child from both an academic and personal perspective. 

The tutor is able to focus on the individual needs of each pupil, thereby creating a tailored programme unique to each pupil, which we believe is the key to unlocking their potential. Each topic can be given due attention depending on the child’s personal understanding, allowing for the syllabus to be covered at a pace suitable for the student. Some students will undoubtedly be left frustrated by the requirement of school lessons to learn at a pace that suits the entire class. With personal tuition, these problems are eliminated with a bespoke course that caters to each student’s individual learning style and moves at a speed that is entirely comfortable for your child. Particular attention can be paid to areas of weakness. This approach helps the pupil consummately reach the higher limits of their academic potential. We firmly believe every student has the ability to succeed in exams, they just require the correct mentor to bring out their skills.

Why Choose Floreat Tutors?

Floreat Tutors wants to be seen as an innovator and market leader in providing academic success to our students. While the quality of private tuition services in London and Moscow is undoubtedly high, we strive to push these boundaries by creating a dynamic between tutors and tutees that help extract the utmost from each student. We pride ourselves on caring deeply about the achievements of each student and aspire to cultivate an environment where every single tutee may flourish into the best version of themselves.

What is Floreat’s teaching philosophy and how will it help my child achieve his goals?

We take a bottom up approach to teaching. By instilling the foundations of each subject and building upon what they are taught at school, we guarantee success for your child at the most crucial stage of their cognitive development, as well as covering tangential and extracurricular topics that may be of interest to the student, if their ability in the core topics allows this.

We also take care to ensure your child is well versed in specialist exam technique tips that can be disregarded in schools, including interpreting the question, taking notes and efficient revision techniques. While knowledge is undoubtedly the bedrock of education, knowing how to implement that knowledge is the key to a fruitful education through achieving exam success. The ability to build a learning plan around the demands of the individual makes an incredible difference to students, providing the confidence, knowledge and technique to successfully chase their dreams.

Where do you provide tutoring services?

We provide home visits anywhere in London and the home counties, although longer journeys may accrue travel costs. In Russia, we provide tuition services in the Moscow Oblast region. We are able to provide tutors for any travel requirements, having placed tutors for clients while travelling the world for 6 months, sailing on yachts over summer, as well as residential tutors for clients in remote locations in Kazakhstan, United States, Australia and China.

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We aim to be as flexible as we can to suit our clients. Tutoring services may be procured on a week-by-week or even day-by-day basis, or purchased on monthly or yearly plans with a defined number of lessons in the allotted period. This is the preferred modus operandi by our clients and tutors, as it allows us to create a long term plan to follow by defining key objectives for each student and monitor progress continuously. It is favourable to both parties to create a regular slot for one of our tutors to visit your home.

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